Crazy Rich Asians: A Luxury Getaway in Singapore

Chloe Tong
9 April, 2020

‘We’re comfortable.’ Nick replied, his eyes not leaving the first-class menu in hand. Rachel gave him an incredulous look. ‘That is exactly what a super-rich person would say.’

And that is how ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ (CRA) made its way into our hearts. Even two years after the movie was released (can you believe it?), there is still so much love for it. I’m sure you wanted to travel to Singapore right after watching the movie, and I was no exception. As I was scouring for all the filming locations, an idea popped into my head. What luxurious experiences are there in Singapore that Nick and Rachel would go for?  

So here we are: a compilation of the places you should go for a Crazy Rich Asian getaway in Singapore! 

Raffles Hotel Singapore 

‘Patronised by nobility, loved by all’  

No wonder Raffles Hotel is one of the filming locations for CRA! The movie features their Presidential Suite, it’s the room that Nick and Rachel stayed in. And did you know this hotel just reopened after a huge renovation? 

Even if you don’t stay at the Presidential Suite, it’s super worth it to check out the hotel. See the famous liveried Sikh Doormen welcoming you at the entrance. Marvel at the beautifully restored 19th century decor of the building and its lavish floral arrangements. Be sure to go to the Long Bar and try a Singapore Sling, it’s where the drink was created in 1915! 

National Gallery Singapore 

The National Gallery Singapore is only a few minutes walk away from Raffles Hotel. It’s a great location for art lovers, as it houses the largest collection of Southeast Asian art. But let me get into the truly artistic and luxurious: it’s culinary offers. 

Odette by Julien Royer 

Get the cream of the crop of French cuisine in Odette! Opened by chef Julien Royer, it’s named the best restaurant in Asia (2019). It’s also one of the only two restaurants in the Lion City with three Michelin Stars. Inspired by seasonality and artisanal produce, the modern French cuisine that you taste will be a unique experience that you’ll never forget. 

Smoke & Mirrors 

If you’re not dining here, why not go for a drink? Perched on top of the Gallery, you can sip on a cocktail while enjoying a panoramic view of this beautiful city. From the quirky names of the cocktails (e.g. Picasso’s Pencil and Dali’s Self Portrait) to the smoky, foamy, creamy drinks served in special glassware, it will be an artistic and opulent visit. 

A quick note to add is that both of these places change their menus from time to time, so every time you visit will be a different experience guaranteed! 

Marina Bay Sands 

Okay, I know everyone has talked about Marina Bay Sands (MBS). We all remember Rachel and Nick’s engagement party at the end of CRA: Katherine Ho belting out ‘Yellow’ as the camera pans out to its famous infinity pool, the sky bar and club. But there’s so much more to experience in MBS for the luxury getaway you want! 

Marquee Singapore 

The Shoppes at MBS is the go to place for luxury shopping, but did you know you can also go clubbing like a Crazy Rich Asian? Opened in 2019, it will be the largest club you will ever visit! It has countless photo booths (with ring lights), three storey high slides and an indoor ferris wheel (crazy, right?)! It recalls all the insane parties that we’ve seen in CRA. Filled with photogenic spots and enough tables and space (so you won’t get squashed by crowds), Marquee is the spot for the ultimate luxury night out! 

The Luxe House 

How could a luxury getaway not include a spa experience? The Luxe House at The Shoppes is highly praised for its detoxifying massages and firming facials. Bonus: they also offer a women’s wellness program! It offers treatments like lymphatic and fertility wellness, as well as weight management. My eyes immediately went to the Bloat Reduction Massage while I was looking at the menu. Did I mention they dress you in a silky sapphire robe for your treatment? The Luxe House is the luxurious spa to check out in Singapore! 

Sentosa Island 

If you’re looking for an off the beaten path CRA filming location to visit, try Sentosa. Not only home to Universal Studios, but CRA also filmed Colin’s bachelor party here. Here are some luxurious experiences that you can find on this small island! 

The Royal Albatross 

If you’re a lover of both the sea and luxury, then this experience is for you! Sail into the sunset on only Tall Ship in operation in Southeast Asia, enjoying the views of the Singapore skyline as night falls. Celebrate with your loved ones as you enjoy an amazing dinner and drinks from a premium bar with smooth jazz playing in the background. Don’t forget to capture all of these magical and picturesque ‘kodak’ moments on camera! 

ESPA at Resorts World™ Sentosa 

Visiting Sentosa is a great way to revitalise your mind and body from the fast paced lives that we live today. So why not go for a spa session while you are there?  It has a variety of facilities, such as rock sauna and outdoor onsen pools. If you’re here with your partner, why not go for the Social Spa for Two? You and your bae can relax in a private spa suite while enjoying a view of the beach. After your massages, you can also have a dip together in a private pool! Complete your treatment with an indulgent two-course meal with champagne at Tangerine, a Thai-inspired farm to table restaurant. 

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