6 Hairstyling Tools Every Beauty Lover Should Have

Nana Team
1 December, 2020

Investing in the right hairstyling tools for your vanity are the easiest ticket to forcing your hair to be on its best behaviours for the day to come. All it takes is a little know-how and some extra time in the morning to get ready. We all crave bouncy, healthy-looking hair that lasts all day long. No matter what type of hair you have or desire – curled, wavy, straight – we just want it to be tamable and frizz-free, traits that can sometimes be compromised by the harsh and unforgiving heat from your styling tools.

It’s important to realise that the quality of your hair tools will affect the health of your hair. There are plenty of products  out there that range from cheap to mid-range to extremely pricey. If you don’t do your research before purchasing something, you might end up regretting your choice (and paying a big sum for it).

Not to worry, we’ve done some digging around for you and we have unearthed some of the most impressive hair styling tools out in the market at the moment. 

GHD Platinum +  

GHD Platinum +comes equipped with technology that can alter the temperature of the tool to your hair’s needs. This ensures that your hair never falls prey to heat damage, retains its integrity and doesn’t dry out even if you’re using heated irons to maintain it daily.

Other minor upgrades also justify why the product is worth a pretty penny — there’s a rounder barrel to avoid snagging your hair and gloss-coated plates to give your ‘do a shine that will put most shampoo commercials to shame. The best part: you can make it pin-straight in half the time it used to take, and achieving waves is way easier with this cult hit model. 

Dyson Airwrap

The Dyson Airwrap hair curler completely changed the game by letting its users achieve a variety of different curls or waves without the use of extreme heat. This spells less damage and more manageable hair that makes frizz a distant memory — a benefit especially useful to those of us with kinkier natural curls.

Using warm air instead of high heat, the self-twirling curling iron replaces the damaging temperatures for high-powered streams of wind that smooth your hair around a rotating barrel. The kit comes with both a 1.2-inch barrel and a 1.6-inch barrel for curls or waves, plus two different smoothing brushes (one firm and one soft), a round volumizing brush and a pre-styling blow dryer attachment.

Babyliss Big Hair Care Hot Air Styler 

The humble hot air brush is a hybrid between a hair dryer and a hair straightener, offering a smooth, blow-dry finish in one fell swoop. One of these that we love is the Babyliss Big Hair Care Hot Air Styler, a compact brush designed for blow-drying your mane from wet to dry.

Not only does it deliver tangle-free tresses, but it also has bristles designed to cause minimal tugging and friction on your hair as you dry it, resulting in frizz-free, shiny hair that’s soft and voluminous too. You’ll also find that it not only oozes shelfie appeal but is kind to your hair thanks to the Sensor Protect technology.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer 

A light-weight hairdryer that significantly reduces drying time? Yes, please! When it comes to drying and styling your hair, it’s always a great feeling when you can get it done promptly, allowing you a few extra minutes in the morning to hit the snooze button, and significantly reducing the time you spend with heat directly applied to hair.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryerweighs less than a pound and is quiet so you don’t have to worry about making a ton of noise if you’re up early in the morning. Perfectly compact, it’s a great travel addition to any upcoming trip you might be going on. 

Balmain Cordless Titanium Straightener 

With no cable, the Balmain Titanium Straightener can be taken anywhere as it was created to be used backstage at photoshoots and fashion shoots. The added bonus? Once charged, the temperature can be set between 160° and 200° to create either high-definition curls or dead-straight tresses, thanks to titanium plates and its even heat distribution.

The wireless straighteners glide through the lengths of the hair to enhance a look in next to no time. As for the design, the tool is worthy of fashion accessory-status: featherweight and mini, it comes in black or white – simple and chic. Last but not least, it slides into a super-portable pouch.

Amika Upper East Side Digital Curler 

If you like a curling iron with an handy clamp, this one from Amika is great because it’s not too pricey, heats up nice and fast and has a cool tip on the end, meaning you’re less likely to burn a finger when twirling your hair around the barrel. The titanium barrel delivers maximum heat conductibility and offers immediate heat recovery for uniform temperature.

For infrared heat preserves moisture in the hair shaft and protects the hair cuticle from damage. Negative ions penetrate the hair to eliminate frizz and seal the cuticle to create silky, smooth and shiny hair; they also seal the cuticle for curls that last for days without any hair spray or holding agents. Need we say more? 

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