5 Small Bags To Have In Your Arsenal

Chloe Tong
26 August, 2020

Smaller versions of large items always fascinate us – we are naturally drawn to small, ‘cute’ things. Small bags have taken the world by storm and aren’t just for practical use anymore! They’ve become cool items to accessorise your outfit, and with the variety different brands offer these days, the options are endless. Here are our top five styles you should have in your collection to nail every occasion! 

The Chain Bag

We cannot stress our love of chain bags enough! This bag is versatile because you can use it for any event, whether it may be a cocktail reception or a lunch date. This style is a must have item for those who don’t like to wear too much jewelry, as the chain of these bags can just as easily bring together your overall look. This Cassandra bag by Saint Laurent perfectly shows how a gold or metallic chain can accessorise your outfit – it looks great when worn crossbody over a dark blazer and shorts! There are lots of different styles of chains available nowadays, so you can easily find one that suits your tastes and your price tag. If you’re looking for something chunky or unique, go for something like this Fae bag by JW Pei, the tortoiseshell cable chain is sure to stand out against a casual outfit! 

The Mom Purse

With the revival of mom jeans in recent years, fashionistas have continued to raid and take inspiration from their mom’s closets. Enter: the mom purse. The defining style of these purses is that they have a short shoulder strap and an ample body to hold everything a mom will need when she’s running an errand – keys, sunglasses, wallet, tissues, wet tissues, hand sanitiser, you name it. We’re seeing a big throwback to the 60s with the release of the Jackie 1961 bag by Gucci, a redesign of the brand’s staple back in the day. This style is great for millennial ladies who are always on the go, because it means we can fit outing essentials such as battery banks and cameras in them. Brands such as Khozha Numbers are also revamping the mom purse by giving it a modern twist on the strap and hardware with this Orbit bag. So it’s official – the mom purse is here to stay!

The Thick Crossbody

Crossbody bags have been on the fashion radar for years, but bags with a thick strap are definitely gaining momentum in popularity. While thick shoulder straps are originally designed for bigger bags like the Sangle by Celine, designers have been toying with the idea of juxtaposing thick straps with small bags. And needless to say, we have been loving it! The thick crossbody strap not only adds a great pop of colour to outfits, but it also means the strap won’t be biting into your shoulder if you carry it for a long time. When Louis Vuitton came out with the Multi Pochette Accessoires last year, celebrities and influencers all over the world have been wearing it ever since. This style of small bag has further solidified its status as a staple with the release of Prada’s Re-Edition 2005 Saffiano Bag. If you’re looking to get a new bag, this style is definitely one to consider!

The Top Handle

The top handle of a small bag may be a defining feature you never really appreciated! Top handles give a bag a structured shape and contrasts with other textures of the bag. For example, this Two-tone top handle bag from Charles and Keith would be a great bag to pair with dress and sneakers to elevate your style. Similarly, the Twist bag from Louis Vuitton features a bright plexiglass handle on top, which contrasts with the colour of the bag itself. It’s a great bag to bag with high waisted shorts or a pair of wide leg trousers, as the defined structure of the bag complements the soft silhouette of these pieces.

The Fanny Pack

We’re leaving out the most essential for last. How can you not have a fanny pack or bum bag as a part of your small bag collection? Don’t underestimate the fanny pack, because it’s main compartment can usually hold more stuff than you expect. This bag is perfect for travelling or any outdoor activity, as you’ll be able to easily reach for the things you need. It is the ultimate casual bag! Wearing a fanny pack crossbody over an oversized tee and bicycle shorts is the most effortless athleisure look to pull off. Or you can easily dress down a little black dress with it, like this Attica Mini fanny pack by Alexander Wang. If you’re looking for a classic fanny pack, go for this Springer bum bag by Eastpak! This bum bag is an all time favourite, and it comes in a ton of different colours!

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