5 Ways to Hygge your home

Nana Team
24 October, 2021

Hygge is a word we are expecting to be seeing and hearing a lot this colder season. With lower temperatures being welcomed earlier than expected here in Hong Kong, we’re already starting to embrace Hygge. A defining characteristic of Danish culture, Hygge (Pronounced “hoo-ga”) is a concept that cannot be translated into a single word. It encompasses the feeling of contentment, well-being, and all-around coziness. If you’re wondering how you can hygge your house this winter, these are 5 ways we are Hygge-ing our house!

1. Scented candles

Scented candles go without saying when it comes to hygge. Actually, they don’t have to be scented but if you are going to get candles, why not get them scented! Candles come in all scents, shapes and packaging so choose one that seems the coziest and welcoming to you. If you’re looking for our recommendations, we will be lighting up Baies from Diptypque or English Pear and Freesia from Jo Malone.

2. Incorporate natural elements

Hygge resonates closely with nature, and that means bringing natural earthy materials into the home. Wood is a common material used to make the home welcoming but feel free to explore with new tactile textures and feels like marble, clay and greenery. Incorporating natural elements doesn’t always mean big planes of wood and having to change your flooring, you can also change up your décor in subtle ways such as adding more plants to the house.

3. Put your favorite books on display

You can never read too many books, especially in Fall and Winter. It’s time to take out those books and put them to good use. Apart from broadening our horizons into creativity, books also work well as interior décor by adding a cozy element to the room. Instead of hiding your books in the cupboards, try filling a shelf with hardbacks and paperbacks for a more lived-in look. An added plus, you will be reaching for them more!

4. Layer Textiles

While tactility of materials plays an important role in bringing hygge to your home, so does textiles. We can also use more of it especially during these cold chilly times. Aim for a variety of textiles like soft Sherpa and warm knit – all of which you can find at Ikea! Whether it’s in a form of a rug, or a blanket or a cushion, adding textures will bring warmth and color to your living space. 

5. Don’t forget simplicity

Adding textile, candles, lights and tactility can have its own fun but be careful not to go overboard. When it comes to hygge, simplicity is king. Beauty and comfort can be found in the minimalist of things. Try to strive for a balance of all the elements but do try to keep empty spaces to prevent overcrowding.