How to style Summer clothing for Winter outfits

Cherry Chan
25 February, 2021

Let’s be honest: most of Hong Kong’s weather is warm all year round until there are sudden bursts of drastic changes with cold temperatures every now and again in the first few months of the year; meaning that you’ve likely a collection of summer clothes packed full in your closet with only a few winter pieces. Learn how you can adapt your wardrobe for the winter with pieces you already have in your closet from summer!

Put layers on top of crop tops

Crop tops are always a staple during the heat of the summer since they can go with almost any bottom pieces. Didn’t think that crop tops could be worn during the colder seasons too? Well, think again! All you have to do is just layer up with a large winter coat that will keep you warm, it could be a blazer, trench coat or a puffer jacket; the choice is yours!

Keep your legs snug with boots and tights

During the summer season, shorts and mini skirts are a great option to stay comfortable without having your legs feeling sweaty and trapped inside trousers or jeans. Although having your bare legs out in the winter might be a bit impractical, you can still wear shorts or mini skirts during winter. Layer underneath with a pair of tights and slip on a pair of knee high boots to keep your legs warm and wrapped up!

Add a pop of colour with summer tones

Whenever we think of winter clothing, a lot of muted or darker colours come to mind like black, white, grey, navy and so on. Who says that bright vibrant summer colours can’t make their way into our winter wardrobe? Pick your bright coloured item of choice and make it the focus of your outfit, then pair it with either black or white elements such as shoes, inner shirt or accessories. A good tip would be to figure out whether your bright colour of choice looks more complimentary against black or white, so your outfit doesn’t clash colours.

Add layers underneath summery tops

Little sexy pieces like camisoles or bustier tops are great items to have in your wardrobe for the summer, since you can show off your upper body and stay breathable. How do you make items like those wearable for the winter? Simply by adding a white button up underneath a bustier top or wearing a turtleneck sweater under a camisole top can not only provide you with warmth, but it will add dimension to your outfit.

Dig out your dungarees

Dungarees are timeless pieces to have in your wardrobe, they’re playful, cute and most of all, they’re comfortable for long periods of wear. Arguably, you could wear dungarees all four seasons since they’re such a versatile item to have, but we’re here to tell you how to wear them for the winter. Simply wear a long sleeved top inside such as a turtleneck top, a thin shirt or even a plain hoodie. Make sure to tuck your top of choice and keep it flat underneath your dungarees to avoid creating any bumps with bunched up fabric.

Layer up underneath your favourite sundress

Sundresses are fun and comfortable pieces of clothing for the hot weather, without any fuss you can just slap on a dress and you’re ready to go! Coming in countless bright colours and bold patterns, wearing a sundress during the winter is sure to brighten up your look! Layer your sundress with a plain long sleeved top or turtleneck sweater underneath and if your sundress is short, then add a pair of tights underneath to keep your legs wrapped up. Pair your outfit with a necklace to stand out against the plain long sleeved top and add a bit of sparkle.

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