I got my Chakras aligned and this is what happened

Veronica Yoo
12 November, 2020

Now that you’re here reading this article, it’s probably safe for us to vouch that you’re curious about alternative healing methods or at least have been fascinated by the idea of Chakras – the seven centers of spiritual power in the human body. While I’ve never went out of my way to learn more about them I’d often hear about how the different energies align and how it can affect our wellbeing.

It wasn’t until I went for a yoga session and the instructor kept mentioning Chakras that I started gaining interest in them. She would tell us to feel the energy around us – “What does that even mean?” as a complete newbie, I lost focus, concentration and my balance (ouch!). Out of curiosity, I reached out to Sonia Samtani, Founder and Managing Director of All About You Centre to give us more information on this practice as well as have my Chakras assessed and quite possibly – healed!

What are Chakras?

Chakras are like energy vortexes. We have different types of bodies: thought, emotion, energy field and physical bodies. Just like how the skeletal system holds up our physical body, the Chakra system holds up an energy fields around us. The job of the Chakra is to take universal energy and supply it to the physical body. It can also be viewed as a wheel. When our thoughts are peaceful, the Chakras are functioning optimally but when we have a thought that is not serving us, it stops functioning. In that sense Chakras are thought sensitive.

What are the seven Chakras?

There are seven major Chakras aligned in our body. Starting from the bottom, the Root Chakra is located in the base of our spine. It concerns our relationship with survival and security. These aspects are based on perception and may not always be logical. It’s our own truth.

Next is the Sacral Chakra. Also known as the sex Chakra. The reasoning behind this is that sex is part of pleasure, it’s about allowing ourselves to enjoy life and that we are deserving of it. Then we have the Solar Plexus Chakra, located near the stomach and it revolves around control; knowing when to be in charge and when to let go. These three Chakras are what we call animalistic, they are energies that even animals have.

The latter four are humanistic energies. The Heart Chakra is (as you would’ve guessed) about love. Both giving and receiving. What closes the heart is grief and loss. The Throat Chakra is about self-expression. In order for you to express freely there needs to be a level of self-belief. If not, you’re not expressing authentically. The Third Eye Chakra is about vision. Where you are, who you are and where you want to be. More importantly, it’s also about the ability to implement after seeing. The last Chakra is the Crown Chakra, it concerns our connection to the universe, spirit, God or to the greater good. The humanistic Chakras are good diagnostic tools to know what’s going on in a person’s life.

The fun part: Getting my Chakras read

I didn’t know what to expect. Would I be lying down? Do I close my eyes? Do I have to hymn something? Sonia told me about the different ways Chakras can be read. It could be done with the person lying down or based on Sonia’s individual reading that doesn’t require lying down. She asked me which method I’d prefer. Thinking I would be able to get a more accurate reading I chose lying down.

This method involved using a crystal pendulum held steadily above each Chakra point and observing which direction the pendulum was turning. If the pendulum is going clockwise it meant its optimal and is functioning well. If it’s anti-clockwise it meant it’s fully blocked. Sonia also saw whether the pendulum was going horizontal or vertical.

We started with a general reading. As I lied down in a Freudian-esque couch I was told to think about all aspects of life. As Sonia held the pendulum above the Root Chakra, she told me that it was going horizontal and that it is compressed. Sacral, all good. Control, “There seems to be a conflict of knowing when to take charge and when to let go. This could be related to the Root.” Oh no. Heart okay, throat okay. Third Eye, “You have a pretty clear vision overall of where you’d love to be.” Phew! We’re ending the reading on a good note.”

Getting the Chakras aligned

Whilst lying down Sonia did a more focused reading on my Root Chakra. “It’s not fully blocked but there is a conflict between you and the environment. Between what you would love to do and what others expect of you. This could also be the reason why there is an inner conflict to the Solar Plexus Chakra.” She then asked me “Do you find that there is a confusion or something between you and either society or another person?”

I never consciously thought I was feeling pressured by anyone but I did feel as though I was anxious all the time. As if I’m constantly chasing time and time flies without me knowing. It could partially have been due to the strict deadlines that I had to meet that week.

Sonia went through my thought process and allowed me to acknowledge that ‘it’s okay if I don’t get it all done’. She told me to recite this line repeatedly while she saw if the direction of the pendulum changes. “It’s not the right one. It’s still compressed.” At this point I’m trying to squeeze all the memories I’ve had recently. Just when all my memories whizzed past me like a movie montage, “THERE! something you thought of now. What did you think about?” I started to think really hard, everything moved so fast, I couldn’t recall. It was more of a feeling that everything’s going to be okay.

“EXACTLY, now that’s what’s changed the direction. If that’s not big of a deal it means you’re safe and secure. Your ability to look at the bigger picture changed it.” Hmm I don’t feel particularly life-changing but it was relaxing to know. “Fear and faith are two opposite things. When you have fear, faith is missing. When you have faith there is no fear. – that’s what was missing.”

Practice makes perfect

To see the changes Sonia told me think of the bigger picture and that everything’s okay. As I observed her holding the pendulum very still, it was going very much clockwise and in a big circular movement too. “This is the alignment of the Chakra. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be permanently align you have to hold this thought every day. For a minimum of 21 days. Consciously remind yourself ‘this is what I was stressed about and this is the bigger picture’ and then you will be permanently operating from this place.”


Overall, the session with Sonia was very insightful. She was kind enough to give me a snippet of Inner Child Healing to discover the root of the problem. She told me that at some point of our lives (usually at a very young age) we condition ourselves that a certain way of thinking is how we will be accepted. While I still found it hard to think back to when I was an infant, I did agree on what Sonia had to say. As babies, you come into this earth and your sole existence makes you lovable and accepted. No one cares if you scream or yell, you’re still loved. But because of the inevitable conditioning as we grow up we tend to lose that way of thought.

If you’re looking for a quick fix (that may not be so permanent) Chakra healing may not be right for you. You need to take the time and consciousness to remind yourself that our worries are truly mind over matter. The past few days, I’ve been following Sonia’s recommendation to remind myself to look at the bigger picture and albeit not having obvious results, it helped put my mind at ease. Sometimes you just need closure in assessing what truly is bothering you and someone to guide you through it.

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