I tried Aquabiking and this is what happened

Nana Team
27 April, 2021

For those who aren’t familiar aqua biking is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a combination sport that merges water sports and cycling. Hence, when you put it together, you essentially cycle in the water. While it might sound like some complicated contraption of equipment, its been around since the early 2010’s. It’s been a great success in France, and Hong Kong has its own first aquabiking studio too! To check out this new form of exercise, we visited Velocity Studio to try the workout for ourselves!

Benefits of Aquabiking

By cycling against water, aquabiking is proven to be more effective than traditional cycling. It’s easy on the joints and can burn calories more effectively than if you were to cycle on land. If you thought normal aquabiking is cool, Velocity Studio offers an aquabiking experience on steroids. Each Aquabikes are attached to its own cabin featuring 26 hydro massage jets which target key areas to help boost blood and lymphatic circulation. Not only that but the pool is also filled with oxygenated and ozone-infused water to help restore the natural power of cells. And even on top of that chromotherapy (therapy using light) is also available in the Aquabikes, allowing you to create a workout ambiance to your liking – if that doesn’t make you excited, we don’t know what will.

The Experience

When we arrived at Velocity, we had to quickly sign a health form that declares that you don’t have any injuries, conditions, are pregnant or have implants. As soon as that was done, we were ready to change into our swimsuits! Velocity Studio is a women-only aquabiking studio so gym-timidation is no needed here! When we were changed, the staff helped us to our assigned cabin. Each aquabike cabin is fitted in its own private room, however, if you would like to share the experience with a friend, Velocity arranges the compartment walls so you and your friend can interact. When I first saw the aquabike cabin, I was surprised by how massive the cabin was! The staff kindly taught us how to get on to the bikes.

When we got in, your pod is equipped with numerous pieces of equipment to keep you busy and entertained. On the side table, there were headphones and alcohol wipes and on the pod itself, there was an iPad where you can watch all your favorite shows on Netflix and a towel in case you want to dry off your hands. Attached to the pods is also a remote that allows you to choose the intensity of the workout. Think of it as like a treadmill, you got options to choose your intensity which controls the resistance of the bikes and you could also opt for a program for your desired work level. What was extra special was that you could also choose the intensity of the jacuzzi jet. Like I mentioned about chromotherapy, you could also choose your desired color light for the jacuzzi. Each color presents a different atmosphere such as red for an intense workout or blue for a more tranquil experience. With all this experience, we were ready to begin pedaling.

I don’t think I noticed much. At first, I thought to myself this is easy. I’m entertained and the jacuzzi was making the experience so relaxing. But at the beginning of choosing my setting I opted for the tailor-made program which gradually increases the resistance of the bike. After thirty minutes I really felt my muscles working but I wasn’t in any pain – I guess the constant massaging of the muscles by the jets of jacuzzi really does work! It was only until that night when the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) kicked in but overall, it was very relaxing and those thirty minutes when by in seconds!


I would definitely recommend aquabiking to anyone who doesn’t really enjoy working out. Because of all the settings of the jacuzzi and the trusty Netflix guiding your way, time flies when you’re on the aquabike. I also feel like this does give you a workout but with minimal effort. While I was pedaling, I felt as though I wasn’t putting much work into it but that night, the leg muscle pain made its existence very evident. For a more relaxing addition, you can also add a 30-minute Japanese infrared sauna which boosts the effects of your exercise by detoxing and cell regeneration. Aquabiking is definitely a no sweat but sweaty exercise (if you’ve been, you’ll know what we’re talking about)!

Velocity Studio; 14F, Oliv, 15-21 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong; info@velocitystudio.hk; +852 2110 4460