Pamper and treat yourself with self love with these tips

Cherry Chan
27 February, 2021

Whether you’re juggling assignments as a student, meeting deadlines at work, dealing with the kids as a mum or trying to squeeze in time to do the things you love amongst your busy schedule, we’ve all been swallowed up into such a busy lifestyle. Why don’t you take the time to give yourself some self-love and treat yourself just in time for International Women’s Day and show some love to the woman who deserves it the most, you!

Remember that appearance isn’t everything

As much as we don’t want to admit to it, whether it’s conscious or not, we are judged by our appearance by everyone. Beauty standards nowadays can get so rough, but it’s important to remember that your body does not limit your capability to do anything. More importantly, remember that what’s on the inside is just as valuable. Having a strong mindset and being confident in yourself will radiate your inner beauty.

Treat yourself to some retail therapy

We’ve all got a wish list of items that we’d buy immediately if we had the chance. It could be clothing, a luxury brand item, home decor, a new laptop, you name it! Instead of repeatedly putting it off and thinking ‘I don’t need that’, go ahead and treat yourself with a little shopping. Purchasing your dream item could give you the boost of motivation you need to tackle anything in your way!

Stop comparing yourself to others

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and we can’t help comparing ourselves to other people. While we can recognise other people for their achievements, status, lifestyle and others, it’s important to realise that comparing yourself to other people isn’t good for your self esteem. While someone else could look effortless and perfect all the time, it’s important to take a step back and recognise your own achievements to boost your self-confidence.

Believe in yourself to make the right decision

From simple decisions you make to your actions, we might beat ourselves up and have a lot of self doubt in ourselves. Worrying about things that have been done aren’t helpful since it’s already happened and stressing out about things that are in the future will just affect your decision. Rather than doubting things that you’ve done or will do, follow your intuition and don’t get too attached by the end result.

Put yourself first before others

While it’s great to care about others that are important to you, sometimes you could get so caught up in focusing on other people’s needs that you could neglect yourself. Always remember that putting yourself is not the same as being selfish; putting yourself first is recognising that you deserve just as much attention and care.

Surround yourself with people that lift you up

Another key part of self love is being around people that make you feel loved and important. Aside from them being great company, whether they’re your friends, family, significant other, you’ll know that these people will have your back and support your decisions no matter what. Surrounding yourself with people that make you happy will make you feel great about yourself and strengthen your bond with them!

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