Stay Strong Inside & Out with these Tips & Tricks

Cherry Chan
17 February, 2021

With the weather changing drastically during this winter, its likely that we might end up with a light cough or sneeze, but aside from COVID-19 still lingering around making us more conscious about our health, a little sniffle could develop into something much bigger if not treated properly. Regardless of the season, we should take care of our immune system to make sure that we stay healthy at all times and avoid any potential harm. So, here are some tips and tricks to follow to strengthen your immune system so you’re healthy inside and out!

Go the extra step and take supplements

Since your body doesn’t naturally produce vitamins or beneficial nutrients, taking daily supplements can greatly help your immune system by boosting introducing them into your body and helping you to stay healthy. Whether you’re taking a multivitamin, mineral or extract to boost your immune system, there are various forms supplements you can take.

Aside from pill form, nowadays supplements come in easier forms, like Ace-2 Water which is a drink that contains natural ingredients and Querecin that protects and boosts your immune system against any viruses. Detoxing yourself and staying healthy by taking supplements has never been easier!

Reducing consumption of unhealthy food and drinks

While we all love a treat with unhealthy food every now and again, what your diet consists of plays a huge part in keeping your immune system working in its best condition. Highly processed foods, sugary products, refined carbohydrates and alcoholic beverages all take a toll on your immune system and reduce your body’s ability to fight off diseases. Even if you’re not cutting them out from your diet entirely, reducing how frequently you eat these foods can help with maintaining your internal health.

Incorporate foods that are beneficial to your health

There are plenty of healthy food and drinks out there for you to include into your diet to build up the strength of your immune system. Including foods that are high in Vitamins A, C, D & E into your diet are great for strengthening your body against toxins and infections, as well as staying hydrated. Aside from drinking your standard eight cups of water a day, other drinks like green tea or ginger shots are a great way to boost your immunity while staying hydrated.

Change your habits

Even simple things in our daily routine can also take a huge toll on our immune system, so it’s important to figure out what habits you have that can eventually cause your health to deteriorate over time. Aim to exercise at least weekly, have eight hours of sleep every night, avoid excessive alcohol consumption or smoking, don’t exert yourself too much and wash your hands often to avoid foreign bacteria.

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