The Sweater Season: Unique Ways to Style a Sweater

Veronica Yoo
24 October, 2020

Has anyone else noticed the slight breeze in the air? As we step into October, fall is officially here – which mean its time for sweater weather! Nothing beats the feeling of cocooning inside a sweater while drinking mulled wine. As the cold air breathes upon us, it’s time we think of unique ways to style sweaters – after all, sweaters are a go-to item for most, if not all people during the winter. Here are some unique styles you can wear to stand out from the crowd. 

… with Flared Jeans

Sweater and flared jeans
Photo by Farfetch

Fashion has a way of coming and going, and this season the skinny jeans trend is kind of dead. Behold the next contender, the flared jeans. Also referred to as the bootcut jeans, these bad boys are making a comeback this fall season. Because of the detailing in the hem, it’s a good idea to stick with an understated sweater. We also recommend sticking to simple or no patterns and neutral warm colors, for an effortless pumpkin spice latte sort of mood. 

… with Sequin Bottoms

Sweater with sequin
Photo by Ruffled from Pinterest

When we think of fall fashion, dark neutral colors are what often comes into mind. While they are easier to style and makes layering pieces easier, why not jazz it up a bit with sequins. For everyday fashion, sequins have a bad rep as it may come across as too over the top but with the right pairing, they can make a subdued statement. Try styling your sweaters with sequined bottoms that has a slight variation of primary color as your sweater. It’ll give your outfit just the right pop of glam for the night. 

…with a White Shirt

One of the reasons why we love styling fall outfits in particular is that we can layer anything as much as we want to! A classic fall look for us would be a crisp white shirt underneath an oversized sweater. This match is great for that smart casual look or can be used as a trick to prevent sweater chaffing. Because of the clean white color, you can pull off even the most colorful and patterned sweater for a statement look or stick to mono colors or a clean design for a minimalistic one!

... with a Silk Skirt

Sweater with silk skirt
Photo by Net-a-Porter

If you’re looking for an outfit you can quickly slip in and out of, the silk skirt and sweater pairing can never do you wrong. What’s special about this look are the contrast in materials. The reflective rich silk fabric nicely juxtaposes with the wooly texture of the sweater. Play around with different types of sweaters; oversized, fair isle, turtle neck or even a kitsch Christmas sweater, the choices are endless! If you don’t want to invest in a silk skirt, a slip dress can also do the trick and is more economical since you can style it throughout different seasons!

… with a Belt

Sweater with belt
Photo by Shein

The bigger the better – the saying can’t be more applicable than to the F/W season. Not only is it more comfortable (we can finally eat as much muffins as we want to without guilt) but it can also create some cute fall looks. An oversized sweater can act as a dress and when worn with a belt, it can create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Or try pairing the look with knee high socks as well and tie your hair into a high ponytail to channel your inner Ariana Grande (Fall edition)!

… with a Denim Skirt

If you’re looking to style a sweater during the warmer days of a season, try matching a sweater with a denim skirt. This cute and playful look is comfortable and easy to move in. Since the denim skirt act as an understated piece, it’s a great opportunity to make your sweater stand out. It can even make an ugly Christmas sweater look cute and stylish! Simply tuck the sweater insider the skirt to give it a cropped look and the length of the skirt will help make your legs look elongated and leaner.

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