Hitting the Open Road with Verve Rally

Nana Team
3 April, 2020

Can you imagine anything more enjoyable than roaming around show-stopping sceneries and photogenic locations (hello, Dubrovnik) behind the wheel of an iconic supercar? What could be more quintessentially verve than indulging all your senses as you embark on an exhilarating driving sensation in the incredibly agile McLaren 570S Spider to roar through the open roads while enjoying a sprinkling of gourmet pit stops and fabulous accommodations along the way? 

In this interview, Nana Asia sits down with Darshana Ubl, the co-founder of Verve Rally, the company that provides the perfect lifestyle road trip to live la dolce vita and meet your #wanderlustgoals. 

Nana Asia: What is the essence of Verve Rally and is it an option for non-drivers as well? 

Darshana Ubl: I believe that travel is one experience where the more time spent, the more it enriches us. We created Verve Rally as we wanted to create a fun adventure, combining a road-trip, luxury accommodation, great food, some partying and a like-minded group of people to have fun with.  

We curate each Rally to incorporate six elements: 

Earth – the fresh produce of the region 

Fire – passion and energy 

Air – relaxed, friendship, good vibes 

Water – incorporate the sea, rivers, lakes, spas 

Metal – the supercars 

Spirit – our philosophy of adventure, fun and gratitude is weaved throughout 

Research shows that the millennials are valuing experiences more than things because they provide longer lasting joy and are shareable on Insta and Snapchat. Our trips – called Rallies – are one-of-a-kind experiences with you driving the supercar of your dreams (or joining as a non-driving co-pilot). The joy of travelling across Europe on a road trip like this with like-minded people is extraordinary. These trips are not just for petrolheads, but for anyone who enjoys doing something different for their holidays.  

Nana Asia: Is there a story behind this fascinating idea?  

Darshana Ubl: Back in 2015 my partner Marcus and I had a successful business exit and the next adventure we were looking for in business was something that our 70-year-old self would thank us for.  

We wanted to do something unusual, something out of the box and were open to ideas. When asked what he would do if he could do anything in the world, Marcus responded that he would want to drive a performance car on fabulous roads. My response? “How about creating fun trips that combine performance cars, cool people, picturesque locations and fabulous hotels?” And from there, Verve Rally was born! 

Nana Asia: Verve Rally has sourced a stunning fleet of supercars for hire. What are some of your favourites and why? 

Darshana Ubl: Each Rally will have varying options, but you can expect top models like the Ferrari 488, McLaren 570S, Lamborghini Huracan, Aston Martin DB11, Audi R8 V10, Lamborghini Aventador or Porsche 911.  

Our personal favourite is the McLaren 570S Spider. It’s so easy to drive both slowly and quickly, has unparalleled visibility for these types of cars, super comfortable, seemingly endless performance and the scissor doors going vertical are always a big favourite for onlookers. Our second pick would be the Lamborghini Huracan Spider for its sound and general sense of drama. If you want to feel like you’re driving a supercar with all the creature comforts and easy driving, this is a good option. Following closely behind is the Ferrari 488 Spider. What can we say? It’s a Ferrari, it’s refined, exceptionally fast and gorgeous to look at.  

Nana Asia: Which of the upcoming Rallies are worth a spot on every traveller’s 2020 bucket list?  

Darshana Ubl: The Spanish Escape returns for the third time with a few innovations as we explore the open roads of northern and central Spain making our way towards, Madrid. This route combines driving through the Picos de Europa mountains and the plains of Spain, the nightlife of Santander, a 12th century monastery and a visit to a vineyard. 

Snowdonia is a region in Wales in the UK which is known for its scenic route. The Snowondia Rally includes a curated experience with some of the best places to stay, historical sites, fine dining, zip-lining, dancing at a masquerade ball and more. This route returns for the second time due to popular demand.  

Our newest route, the Verve Rally Adriatic, combines crystal clear waters, sunshine, a convoy of supercars, gourmet cuisine and wine, partying and luxurious 5-star boutique hotels. Over 5 days/4 nights we’ve designed the Rally to have down-time with non-driving days of partying, delicious food and swimming on the stunning island of Hvar before heading back to the mainland by speedboat for the beginning of the road trip through the coastal and mountain roads of Croatia and Bosnia. The hotel in Dubrovnik is breath-takingly set into the cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The following morning we’re back in the cars for a beautiful drive into Bosnia and Montenegro where the group stays overnight for an awards night and party.  

Nana Asia: What are some of your initiatives to reconcile your business model with the world’s concern for environmental impact?  

Darshana Ubl: We believe in balance and to give back what we take from the environment. So, from the inception in 2016, Verve Rally has been carbon neutral through our partnership with the PATT Foundation (Plant a Tree Today). We calculate the mileage covered and fuel consumption for each Rally and, using industry standard formulas, calculate the carbon emission and number of trees required to be planted to absorb this carbon back out of the atmosphere.  

Nana Asia: What are some of the unforgettable reviews you’ve received from past Ververs?  

“As we took off the Snowdonia Rally, everyone on that street was just looking at us. I’m not a celebrity, but it’s fun to feel like a celebrity every now and then!” – J. Lockyer 

“For me, it’s more philosophy – where it tries to tell you to be there in the present. And seize the moment and every other thing of your life is out the backdoor. I experienced that every day from morning till night; I don’t even remember even thinking about anything to do with my life. It was here and now – that’s my biggest take-home from this!” – M. Sajnani 

Visit their website for more information and booking.

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