Behind Hidden Doors: Speakeasies in Hong Kong

Nana Team
10 September, 2020

Hong Kong is home to beautiful sky scrapers, mouth-watering delights and apparently speakeasies. These hidden gems have scattered across the island for all treasure hunt fanatics to embark on a boozy journey. Speakeasies originated when alcoholic beverages were illegally sold during prohibition periods. Fear not, no need to consume in secrecy at these modern hideouts – you won’t be able to resist another round!

For those who prefer to sit back, relax and sip on a cocktail with friends on a Friday night, these are some secluded speakeasies you don’t want to miss out on. Despite the hidden nature of these bars, they are packed most nights so don’t forget to book ahead of time to ensure seats.


A vintage speakeasy reminiscent of the Victorian era, visitors to Stockton will immediately get comfortable and sink into one of their leather couches. A great time with friends is assured with their private drinking dens. Each of their cocktails from their series “Origin of the Species” an ode to the periods and the role alcohol played in our species’ history. From this series, we recommend Cousin Neolithic and Take me to Babylon. In regards to the regular cocktail signatures of the bar, the Sin Tax and the Tungus are our top picks.  


Polished, dark yet sophisticated, just everything you’d expect of a speakeasy. The classic gentlemen’s lounge where one can find the finest hard liquor is exactly what 001 is. Famed for its wide selection of whiskey, they also make an amazing earl grey martini. There comes a feeling of exclusivity and order from all the rules of the bar, a far cry from the rowdy crowd of the bars we are all so familiar with. For customers feeling a bit peckish, the grilled Gruyere cheese sandwich will surprise. Jazz music will complete the classy ambiance.  

J. Boroski

The sanctuary for true cocktail connoisseurs in Hong Kong, J Boroski is known for its impressive cocktails. Which one? It is questionable whether they offer the same concoction twice. Exclusively creating cocktails tailored to the customer’s request, preference or story and using only the freshest ingredients available. The mixologists are dedicated to their craft of cocktail creativity. The more the details of a customer’s preference is provided, the closer bartenders are able to envision the taste the customer is looking for. The anticipation of the bartender’s interpretation of a customer’s preferences makes for a one-of-kind experience of personal touch that will be hard to find elsewhere. 

The Old Man

Taking inspiration from Ernest Hemingway’s life and works, customers will first notice the striking portrait mosaic centerpiece in the likeness of Hemingway. Here, seven of his literary works and two of Hemingway’s nicknames are interpreted as experimental cocktails. Using unusual and fresh ingredients like curry or pandan leaves, they bring a new taste of the cocktail. The Sun Also Rises 1926. Despite the innovation, all drinks are just $90 each plus 10% serving charge, not one that will break the bank. A must-go for any fans for Hemingway and those who can match his notorious hard drinking habits. A fine place for those who would like to raise a glass in appreciation of Hemingway’s works, his way of life and memory. 

PDT by Mo bar

The more people are told not to do something, the more they want to do it. This is exactly the case here. From the success of New York’s PDT hidden in a hot dog shop, Hong Kong’s PDT is one of the newest editions to the speakeasies in the local scene. Concealed deep within the Mandarin Oriental Hotel behind a telephone booth, PDT is always filled to the brim with eager customers undeterred by the complex mechanism it takes to merely get inside the bar. The Mezcal Mule is the star drink of the bar. Whereas the food is fantastic, especially the Hotdogs devised by chef Ekkebus and the ever quickly disappearing Takoyaki Tots. 

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